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How many unique baby patterns do you get for the $25?
You get every single pattern we have, over 425!

Can I get the images sent to me in jpg or gif format?
Unfortunately, no.  Our printable images are delivered to you in PDF format.  This is to protect our own creations from unscrupulous people who will claim them as their own and break copyright infringement laws. Besides, displaying the images on PDF format is the easiest way for most people to print out the decals.

What is a PDF document?
A PDF is a file format that can be opened using Adobe Reader.  All new computers already have a PDF reader installed. If you do not have Adobe Reader, you can download a free reader here at Adobe.Com Free Download.

I've never done an iron on before, is it hard?
Nope, it is very easy and we have done most of the work for you. Our images are already set to correct sizes for your baby clothes. They are also already reversed into their mirror images. When you use an iron on, the images have to be printed backwards so that they will show correctly once ironed on. So all you have to do is choose the image, print it out on iron transfer sheets and iron them on!

Where do I get iron on transfer sheets?
You can get them in office supply stores, in the craft section of a department store like Walmart and art and craft stores. But the BEST place to get them is Ebay. Iron on transfer sheets can get pricey. But you can find them very cheap on Ebay. That is my secret!

Can I preview the images?
Absolutely. Most of our decals are displayed on our Baby Clothes Store where you can purchase unique baby clothes already printed out for you.

May I sell the Unique Baby Decal Download Package?
You can sell the Unique Baby Decal Package PDF download only as an affiliate through Clickbank.com. Click Here to become an affiliate.

May I use these images to iron on products to sell myself?
You will need a Resell Licence that you can purchase for $500. You are not allowed to use any of the images on Cafepress.com. Click button to purchase license.

Other terms used to find our site
Onesie, a whimsical term for onesize is really an baby or infant bodysuit. Some people often mispell it as onsie. Some call it a snapsuit, creeper or diaper shirt. In Great Britain they call it a babygro. A common mispelling is babygrow.

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