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The Coolest Idea for a Baby Shower: Have a Baby ClothesMaking Station!

Summary: You can make your own baby clothes simply by printing out an image (in reverse) onto an iron on transfer sheet and then iron it onto a blank white baby clothes. It is so much fun to do!

The Plan: Okay PICTURE this:
  1. Get as many iron on transfer sheets as there are guests at the baby shower, one for each guest.
  2. Print out an image for the onesie or t-shirt on each sheet.
  3. Package each sheet into a large manila envelope with no name.
  4. Bring to the shower a few pairs of scissors, two or three ironing boards and two or three irons, as many plain white baby clothes as there are guests (you can vary up the sizes too) and your pile of envelopes containing the iron ons.
  5. At the shower explain your big surprise. You have set up baby clothes making stations and everyone can make their own baby clothes to give to the mother of honor. Then have the first two or three women come up to pick the envelope which will contain the pattern they will be ironing on….no peaking!
  6. The women draw from the pile of envelopes and upon opening their goodie (and this will be so much fun for the women involved too) they show off the template they have drawn to the crowd for some more fun!
  7. Then the two or three women are off to the baby clothes making stations you have set up (with the iron and ironing boards and scissors) to make the baby clothes. (the scissors are used to cut around the decal).
  8. After they have finished, you call the next group of women to draw their patterns.
It is a spectacular plan for a baby shower and it is a NEW idea! You will be the best baby shower host ever among your friends.

You can find your own images to print out (remember to flip them in a photo editor so that they print inverted) OR you can simply download all of our images which are also already inverted for you. We have over 425 adorable, funny, sweet and contemporary decals just for babies and it comes with a full set of instructions for ironing them on! You can buy and download the package here or, you can view most decals at our Baby Clothes Store before you buy. This store is where we sell all of our baby clothes and patterns already made, but this is where you can see, for yourself, most of the patterns and images that are contained in the baby decal download package.

It is the best baby shower idea ever!

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