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***Important Note!*** Onesies are also known as baby bodysuits, snapsuits, creepers or diaper shirts. If you are advertising in the UK, onesies are known as 'babygros'. Just a helpful tidbit of information.


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We all want cute baby clothes for our new babies. But they can be expensive! So we stock up on the plain white baby bodysuits which can be purchased in bulk and perhaps buy one or two cute (but expensive) bodysuits. But crafty moms and dads make their own baby clothes with iron on patterns! Save a bundle while your baby looks great, and have fun doing it! Learn how to make your own baby clothes here!Baby-Clothes-Unique.com has a huge selection of iron on patterns and decals for baby clothes. There are patterns for any occasion and for no reason at all! Each pattern was custom created. You can download every single pattern and decal onto your computer instantly and start making your baby clothes now! Click here to check out Baby-Clothes-Unique.com
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Iron On Patterns for Onesies
Download these unique patterns
To iron on your baby onesies!

Iron On Decals for Onesies
Download these unique decals
To iron on your baby onesies!

Unique Baby Onesies
Save money by creating your
Own unique and crafty onesies!

Boy Baby Onesies
Unique boy baby onesies
You can create yourself!

Girl Baby Onesies
Unique girl baby onesies
You can create yourself!

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